Obama Autograph Worth

Since he stepped deep into the political arena, autograph seekers have been asking one particular question these days about the 44th President of the United States. They want to find out how much a Barack Obama signature might be worth.In July of 2008, the Chicago Sun TImes reported that a Barack Obama autograph might be worth $150. That figure was an estimate from Daniel Weinberg. According to the story, Weinberg appraises historical documents and signatures at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago.

Just like many other autographs and signatures, how much a Barack Obama autograph is worth these days depends on how many items he has signed and the laws of supply and demand. Not everyone has access to the President so obtaining an autograph could come at a cost. The more people who want to obtain his autograph the more the price will increase.
Back in February of this year, National Public Radio interviewed Autograph dealer Stuart Lutz. Lutz described the Barack Obama autograph as not the most legible thing in the world. Lutz also echoed the fact that a signed autograph from Barack Obama certainly has value but depends on the supply and demand theory.

With that in mind, there still appears to be a definite steady surge in the demand for a Barack autograph--no matter your politics. Even celebrities like Teri Hatcher have requested to get one. Hatcher, who stars on the ABC show Desperate Housewives, informed Mr.Obama that he owed her an autograph after she attended a fundraiser instead of being home with her daughter.
In fact, Autograph Magazine wrote back in January of this year that demand for anything Obama had gone through the roof. But as the country remains in an economic crisis, the speculation as to how much his autograph will be worth in the future is certainly debatable.
Unlike some past Presidents, Barack Obama carries almost a celebrity status. Most people are thrilled to meet a President that is in office. He is the first black President and a powerful figure in history so an autograph collector would only assume its value will continue to grow in the future. So perhaps holding on to a Barack Obama autograph might be the smartest thing to do. For those who do not have one, purchasing while prices are relatively low might also be the way to go. That is, if you believe his presidency will be viewed in a positive light.Only history will determine where Obama's autograph stands in the long line of Presidential autographs. 20-30 years from now it could be worth a fortune. But the same Obama autograph might not escalate depending on how he is perceived as the 44th President of the United States. Determining value may come down to several other factors. If he signs tens of thousands of autographs during his time in the public eye, then it will not be worth as much as if he had only signed a few thousand. If he is perceived as a bad president and perhaps remembered for the high unemployment rate rather than turning the fiscal problems around in the United States then a Barack Obama autograph certainly will not surge in price and demand. But is he is hailed as a savior in the worst economic times then his autograph could become extremely valuable.

On eBay, you can purchase many items signed by Barack Obama. Only 34 items were found using the search term Barack Obama autograph and a little over 100 items resulted from a Barack Obama signed search. This could either mean that many people are hanging on to their autographs to see what happens to the value or just refusing to part ways with what they deem a historic item. The items include signed books, autographed speeches and even Joe The Plumber signed hats.
We may never know the true value until we can look back at it historically. So the answer the question of what that Obama autograph is worth can not be fully answered until his legacy has been determined in retrospect.