President Obama’s Old Car Sold at Auction

A vehicle once owned by President Obama was by far the most unusual of the few Americana lots offered in the Robert Edward Auctions 2010 sale.


The 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was consigned by an Illinois woman who bought the car used in 2004. When she bought it, the sales person told her to save all the documentation in case he became President.


She has been driving it ever since, but with over 130,000 miles on it, the jeep was approaching the end of its life as a reliable vehicle. It was time for a new car. Rather than trade it in, she contacted Robert Edward Auctions.


REA decided to offer the car as a unique historical collectible, and to use the car as an opportunity to raise money for charity, donating all REA commissions to CARE. CARE, a leading humanitarian organization devoted to fighting global poverty, was chosen because of the great importance of its work and because President Obama has personally expressed support for this charity.


The minimum bid was The Kelly Blue Book value of $3,500.


When the dust settled, the car sold for $26,437! The auctioning of the car (which was purchased by University Archives) has provided the consignor with $20,250, far exceeding expectations and more than enough to make a significant contribution toward the purchase of her next vehicle, while at the same time raising $6,137 for CARE.